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What is a return pallet?


Returned goods are items that have been returned by customers it may be for many reasons really it can vary and range from, missing accessories, accidentally damaged like a dent or scratch some may still be in retail packages or it could have a fault and require repair. It is imperative that you have the ability to make items good prior to purchase.


Is there any warranty?


In some cases there may be some manufacturers warranty, please ask a team member about specific items


Can you deliver?


Yes, we have a reliable delivery company that we use for full loads, and we use the pallet network for smaller loads.


How much does delivery cost?


This depends on volume and location, please ask a team member for a delivery quote.

Can I view the stock before purchasing?


Yes, we are happy to show you the stock before purchasing, just contact us to make an appointment to view.

If I am exporting do I have to pay VAT?


VAT is charged on all goods at point of sale, however if you are taking your items overseas VAT will be refunded once a valid Bill Of Lading is supplied by your shipper. UK laws only permit VAT to be refunded on the basis that the goods have been exported within 3 months of purchase date.

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